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Featuring our new Genesis Digital Press with variable inline finishing with up to four offline or inline webs in to one Rotary Cutter….

raphic Resource Inc. proudly releases the new age of Digital press technology……….

Graphic Resource Inc. has just released our newest offering, the Genesis Digital Web printing press. Made in America and designed to incorporate the world renown MEMJET inkjet technology, the press will produce four color images variable length up to a 25.5 " wide image at an astounding true 1600 x 1375 DPI resolution. 
The Genesis is designed for VIRTUALLY everyone. While it is made to run at slower speeds, it allows printers to print short runs jobs on a separate press line. This will enable shops to send longer run, lesser quality-demanded print jobs to existing digital presses in your shop; thus maximizing production environments.
When compared to offset press lines, the cost savings are even more astounding. Imagine eliminating printing plates and all their related costs.  Companies can eliminate  expensive downtime costs relating to long make-readies, production and installation of printing plates, high paper wastage, and wasted operator costs.
A comparison of other digital press manufacturers will show them coming up way short.  The Genesis offers significantly less capital investment [nearly half in most cases}, dramatically less expensive printhead costs, and there are no click charges or hidden maintenance fees. Add that to the fact that not one of the other system offers the ability to produce true 1600 x 1375 DPI while completely finishing the product inline; and it is easy to see why the Genesis will be come the press of choice.
As an example…….Genesis  will save THOUSANDS of dollars in short run publication work. We can offer sizes up to 11" x 25.5" trifold  11"  x 17" or 22" x 17" folded in line and ready to drop in boxes or we can even run two press in tandem to finish 16 page glued signatures.For the short run publication business, this product offers the highest reproductive quality with complete finishing at a super low investment.
Yes, we can offer simplex or duplex printing with the optional ability to twin presses and merge into one finishing line {including a unique inline Mail Sorter.

Current 8 color Sanden rebuild installation
Inline or Offline that can be sold as a complete inline with components listed, with additional components, or can be sold individually.  All components can be sold with Servo drives or without.  Everything is for 22.75" cutoff to 22.83" and everything in between.  This can run with a press as an inline or with a pre-printed roll as an offline.  Click for more details.
2008 Scheffer Rotary Cutter with T.E.D.


2008 Gammerler KL5000 Stacker

Rebuilt WPM wetflap gluer
Rebuilt WPM servo driven wetflap gluer

We currently have over 2000 new belts in stock for Goss, Heidelberg, and Harris web presses as well as for bindery equipment that we are discounting 50%. We also have an assortment of bearings, gearboxes, motors, and much more!

   We scrap Equipment!

Most of the time we will pay you to scrap your web press or other printing and or bindery equipment .
We scrap M110 and various web printing presses all over the nation. Most of the time we can pay you for the items we have to remove. Please contact us for more information. If you are looking for parts or equipment off of Web Presses like a M110 please call us for that as well. We will sell most items for just over the scrap value. 
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